Western Dreams


7 thoughts on “Western Dreams”

  1. Overall very good. I love the build up of tension and the atmosphere that is created although I am not sure on your storyline. I like how you have gone for the non-stereotypical western without shoot-outs.

  2. Good opening scene and establishing shot and the camera angles are really good. It was quite hard to interpret what was going on in the house because it was too dark. The music was very effective and the dream scene was eerie but the ending was too abrupt and we didn’t really understand the storyline.

  3. The beginning was good, with a good use of panning. as well as the use of music for the opening scene. the flashbacks were done well, the way they faded in and out, this made the film look more professional. what happened in the flashback didnt really link into what was going on in the film, so the storyline didnt really make sense.

  4. I really like the establishing shot and the choice of props are really good aswell especially the necklace and its part in the story line, If I were you I would probably extend it a bit by perhaps putting a shoot-out scene in at the end.. But its really good 🙂

  5. The scene with the dream was well produced, however the dark scenes were quite difficult to see, the panning at the beginning was also effective. The ending was quite abrupt however left us in suspense. Could do with a effect to end on.

  6. I love your use of music, it creates a really good atmosphere and having the girls laughter creates quite a spooky scene. Your black and white scene i think is especially effective, i like your high angle shots of the girl especially. Also your costumes are really good. The only thing i would really say that needed a bit more improvement is if you make the ending a bit more clearer and effective as it is a bit abrupt so just make it a bit more conclusive. Overall though well done 🙂 x

  7. Nice opening scene with music,however the music in the dream part is a bit to Thriller like and so not very conventional for a western.I like that you did lots of cuts in your film,also the part were the necklace falls on the ground!

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