The Western in Burford

For our practice project we had to produce an extract from a Western. This is it, please leave a comment and tell us what you think!


8 thoughts on “The Western in Burford”

  1. Well done guys!
    To improve this you could add some music/sound effects to help build up the tension. We really like your video especially the angles.
    From Lucy x

  2. Loved the opening scene, and when doors opened. Also liked the idea of the bar and gun shots were good. Establishing shot a bit slanted. Really good :). who was the girl? where was she?

  3. Opening scene was brilliant as the camera was steady. dialogue was inaudible, we couldn’t make out the conversation. some elements of it weren’t typically western: the hockey and some costumes. Acting was good and storyline was easy to follow and it made sense. Maybe if you added music it would flow more.

  4. I love the opening shot and the silhouette when walking into the bar, story line was easy to follow, amazing actors however a few more sound effects and some music would make it even better. =)

  5. Good use of camera angles, quick changes ctreate action. Good use of sound effects aswell. Costumes were good but ‘Bartender’ could of had a costume on. 🙂
    Clever ending but the white-out was a bit to abrupt i think.

  6. Opening Shot really good moving up the body. And Loved when the doors opened – very western. Wasnt sure about the bags on the bench though :). Also the effect on top of the film i found hard to watch however the colour is good. Good storyline although ending confusing. Really good.

  7. The cuts are very snappy may need to use an effect to make the shots fluent. Good plot and good use of western costume and icons.

  8. Your low shot of the feet walking onto the scene is extremely effective and what you would expect of a typical western, although it was a bit wonky. I wasn’t sure who the girl was but i think it is good that you have it in your film because it shows that miles is a bad character in the film. Also his clothing is a good indicator of this. It is really fluent aswell which is a really good thing. The only thing i may say is that if you maybe get a few more different shots so it varies the film a bit more. But good effort guys 🙂 x

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