An extract from a conventional western style film for our AS level practice project.


6 thoughts on “FLASHBACK!”

  1. This is really good and it leaves a lot of tension at the end. I thought that there could be more footage but it did work well with what you had. I like your music.
    Lucy (:

  2. There were many good close ups but sometimes lasting a bit too long. Good story line, and music. Made it more western like. If possible when the argument is taking place cropping out the laughing actors would improve the film.

  3. opening and closing title scenes are very effective, sets the mood well. the close up of eyes is very emotive, and the scene where the effects change to go into the flashback is very strong, a good contrast to the rest of the film. very abrubt ending though.

  4. I really like the establishing shot you’ve used especially with the birds it looks very western. I love the dreamy effect thats used, To make this even better i would make the ending not as abrupt. =)

  5. Awesome opening and finishing shots. Nice camera angles, steady shots where needed 🙂 Would be a better flashback if people weren’t laughing! Alot of tension at the end but i didn’t quite understand the shoot-out or why Jess was tied up.

  6. The establishing shot was really good but maybe slightly long. Good variation of shots but they needed to be a bit more steady. I wasn’t really sure about the ending as it needed to be a bit more conclusive as i feel i wanted t know more but if you were going for that you achieved it. There is a scene where there is a quite a lot of laughter which in some way ruins the scene as it is meant to be quite a dramatic scene. But i enjoyed watching it, well done 🙂 x

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