Dusty Love


5 thoughts on “Dusty Love”

  1. Random Scene in Colour, not sure if on purpose. Effects really good. Love the Old film and sepia effect. Music good and good use of humour. Camera angles good, camera moving up antagonists body and kicking dust into camera was effective. Wasnt sure of story however.

  2. Well made as it has a good selection of shots, the actors were very good. The music suited the scenes however the music needed to be mixed/ fade in and out. There was a need for gun shots as it would make it more realistic. When katherine falls on the floor the colour effect goes back to normal. Overall was a good first video

  3. Music changes are too abrupt, need to be more fluent. Effects are really good and make it more western, but there is a scene in colour that looks out of place. We like the camera angles, especially one from the floor which is really effective.

  4. The flow of the music was quite jolty and so was the shot changes sometimes. But the camera angles were good. Costumes were effective and the effects look good. I couldn’t quite understand the story though.

  5. Could use conventional western music, and merge music better, good plot and the shoot was done well. Effects maybe needed to make the piece smoother.

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