5 thoughts on “Unforgivable”

  1. The film so far is really good, the shots are cleverly edited and the death scene is effective. I’m not sure if the music fits what’s happening however it contrasts really well.

  2. First of all the chase scene is well done with really quick editing making it intense. The point of view shots add to the panic, although the music doesn’t really fit with the chase (even though it is timed perfectly with the shots).
    When you go from the forest into the torture room, it might be better to not have the shot of the car, as it disrupts the flow of events.

    The torture scene is great, the use of props and the death is quite disturbing, especially with the close up shot of the guy smiling. When he strangles him, it could be more quickly edited.

    But overall it is brilliant!!!

  3. The beginning is good through the forest it builds tension then the dude is shot and it gets serious with the sound effects. I have to admit the music during the ‘torture’ section is good but maybe too lighthearted for your film. some good shots though i like the close up of him burning a cigarette into his wound and when he grabs that dude round the neck pretty dramatical. dope X

  4. niiice! love the scene in the forest and the blood effect when he gets shot, quite realistic. editing could be done more, to add the finishing touhes onto the film. but a great story line. the torture bit is pretty cool. the ciggerete shot is great.

  5. I really like the rough cut of your film so far.
    The first variety of shots are really effective and tie nicely into your choice of music, as it adds to the face pace of shots.
    I like the surprised gun shot at the beginning as you have edited well, even though i swear i can hear people in the background. (?)
    The scene change is really effective, as the music adds to the tension and gives a creepy vibe…
    To improve – i would change your choice of music in the middle as i don’t think it fits and shorten some of your shots when the ‘weapons’ come out.lol. 😀

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