Thriller first rough cut


5 thoughts on “Thriller first rough cut”

  1. loving the shots from outside and how i feel distanced from Bailey at the start but then we get closer to him.
    although its quite short, i can already see a vary between shots and its very fast pace which I like.
    i especially like the the shot of the mirror as again, it distances him from the audience.
    love you long tiiimmeeeee

  2. The lighting is really good, as it stands out in the dark, especially with the black and white effect (the bedroom shot of her looking out the window). Some shots are quite tense, like when the stalker(who looks very sinister) is walking down the road, and when he is reflected in the mirror. Also, there is a lot of tracking shots that makes it look like there is someone watching.
    It was quite confusing when we see the girl in one room then the stalker in the other, as there is not a lot shots explaining the connection between them. There are also some shots that are slightly long like picking up the keys, and going up the stairs.

  3. The shots work well they make us feel apart from the character and he always appears to be hiding something. When the blinds go down we see that he is distant from us, its like he is shutting you out. It is short but you have created suspense in a small space of time peace x

  4. The variety of shots are great, the mirror shot especially. the film is fairly short, i do not know if you are adding more?? but a good rough cut. The black and white effect adds to the tension. im sure with some more editing, it will be even better

  5. I think this is bloody brilliant, the lighting is good, and the variety of shots is fantastic it all adds to a great starting of the film.

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