Rough cut!!!!


4 thoughts on “Rough cut!!!!”

  1. The lighting is really effective, as it is creepy, but it makes it quite unclear as to where he is, and what he’s heading towards to.
    The high angle shots and tracking shots, add to the sense ofspying on him and making it tense.

    Some of the shots although are too long, like the first shot, and it could use a bit of music.

  2. I agree with Elliot, as the lighting does add to the effect of your film, because the audeince have no idea where he’s going.
    I also like the high angle shot of him walking because it adds suspense to your opening sequence.

  3. I think that you have used some good high angle shots, and tracking which gives this sense of suspense and spying, i would say that the lighting was a bit unclear, as it was quite dark, maybe you could make it a bit clearer in picture. I also so felt the first shot was a bit long, when he was walking along the path. Maybe you may need some music to add to the drama, otherwise it is not a bad start.

  4. I really like the close up shots you have used to hide the identity of your mystery character, such as the panning of feet and a close up of his face. These camera angles especially work well in your dark lighting, but equally as others have said, in other shots it’s a little bit unclear.
    Don’t mean to repeat what others have said but the first shot is a little too long and shakes at the end, so maybe shorten it.
    To improve on, i think you need to add more depth as there are a lot of walking shots and defiantly music.
    It’s a good opening:D

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