media- rough cut- thriller


4 thoughts on “media- rough cut- thriller”

  1. Some really good shots in there, especially in the car and the train station. The black and white effect makes it more dramatic, as well as the use of the station which makes it more interesting.

    The point of view shot at the station is effective, but breaks the 180 degree rule.
    Some of the scenes could be shorter, like the car scene, and whilst he watches the train go away.

  2. loooove the way it gets straight into the storyline guys
    have to say your actors a little…. hmmmmm
    but yeah i really like the way it cuts between past and present and makes the story flow better in a short space of time.

  3. I like the scenes in the car, the reflection of Hannah in the mirror is a good shot. And I liked the quick clip of the ‘Way Out’ sign at the train station-this adds to the storyline.

  4. Your have made your transitions between present time and flash backs clear by over lapping the clips with good editing and it is easy to understand, in my opinion.
    I’m sorry but i really don’t like the “fight scene,” maybe you could cut the scene to when your main male actor throws a punch to shorten it.
    I like how you have filmed inside the car, allowing the audience to witness the characters relationship for themselves and adds to the tension of their relationship shown from the first clip.
    Good choice of music will defiantly boost the tension of the film and make it really effective:D

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