Decadence- rough cut

My first cut of my opening thriller.


8 thoughts on “Decadence- rough cut”

  1. I think that you have some good camera techniques, the use of the close ups is of the key main points of the film t the use of the black and whiteness, is also a good effect, i think to improve it just maybe need a bit of sound.

  2. I really like your film, I think the contrast between the flash backs and reality works really well. The cctv footage is cleverly edited and fits in really well with your story-line. I think to improve it, you need to add some sound to your footage to add suspense to your sequence especially during the death scene and the running shots.

  3. You have used the transitions between the press conference and the flashbacks well, revealing the plot towards the end, and keeping the audience in suspense, with an unlikely twist.
    The death scene was a little bit weak, maybe you could shorten the shot because you can kind of see Matt smiling and it’s not serious enough.
    I like the camera shots of the running, as it builds up tension for the film, AND your good editing has compensated for the not so good acting, but you have really done well there to keep the flow of the film going.
    Your well thought out spying shots defiantly add to the genre of your thriller film and you have a nice variety of shots of Matt being followed.
    Elliot this is coming on really well, and with a few more close up shots of Jack and some tension music it will be even more amazing.

  4. i like the way you’ve put in shots of Matt in the cafe when there is dialogue over it, it makes it very affective and puts us into the story.
    i also like it how we dont see a full body shot of Jack and this, like Ells, Charlotte and Co. di with Bailey, that you’ve distanced him and i liiiike.

    i like the use of long shots and then getting closer and closer to our characters as the film progresses.

  5. I love the integration between matts section in the street and the court part with alex speaking. The way the shot crosses when they tall about matt in the cafe is really good. The running section works well with some good shots, and lastly the cctv bit is clever. safe

  6. Some great cutting and editing done especially with the cctv bit. you clearly have spent alot time on this, to improve, some music in the background would go down nicely. i love the jump cut back and forth with matt, the chase and then onto the murder works well. the ending is very effective also. x

  7. one thing i would say, not that you wouldnt but a bit of music would do niiiiice.

  8. the use of colour shots for the present and black and white for the past builds up the suspenses leaving the viewer wanting to know more. the starbucks shot was very impressive. with the addition of some music, you will have yourself a really good piece of work.

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