Questionnaire Analysis

Once we had handed out our questionnaires, to a range of age groups (16 – 65) and had them all completed, we thought that it was best to analyse them before, we decided our final storyline.

As a group, we believed that by asking what people’s favourite thriller film was, it would help us give us some initial ideas, and help us on what type of thrillers, appealed to certain age groups. For instance, one person said that Disturbia was their favourite film. This film is about a young person who believes is a serial killer. This type of thriller is a more a physiological genre and is more stalkers, than in contrast to another film like De ja vu as this is more spying involved.

This has helped us follow our initial ideas, as our final storyline is towards someone being stalked and placing this person in a real – life situation.

From these results, the main sub genres, that people preferred was Physiological and Horror. This was due to them both working really well together.

In a thriller genre, the questionnaires suggested that overall, confusion and suspense stand out to people in a thriller film.

This suggests to us as a group that we must consider this in our film.

As a surprise, the most majority of people had chosen that they would prefer to watch a female lead role than a male one. As one questionnaire explained “They are more vulnerable and can show great strength when it is needed.”

The last question was agreed by everyone, this was to use a real life story in our thriller. As most people said this is due to the fact, that it is more believable, which can affect the audience and get them involved. This also brings suspense and influences the audience in everyday life as it can make them become paranoid.

Overall, from looking at these results, as a group we have decided that it will encounter a real life occurrence, with mainly a sub genre as physiological. As the main lead, a female will best suited.


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