Scaling a clip in iMovie HD

The quickest & easiest way to scale – “zoom” –  a video clip in iMovie HD is to export the clip, do the scaling in Final Cut Express, and then re-import it into iMovie:

In iMovie HD

Select the clip in the Timeline that you wish to scale (you may need to prepare a duplicate clip first, crop it to the right length, and place it in the timeline).

Go to File > Export…   In the dialogue box choose the QuickTime tab; select Full Quality from the drop-down menu; check the box marked Share selected clips only; click Share. Give your clip-for-export a suitable name, and save it somewhere you’ll remember. Minimize iMovie.

In Final Cut Express

Go to File > New Project; a new ‘blank’ project will open. Go to File > Import > Files… and choose the clip you exported from iMovie.

In the Browser window, double-click on your imported clip: it will appear in the Viewer window.

Go to View > Image+Wireframe: a large wireframe cross will appear, overlaying your clip in the Viewer window.

Roll over the picture in the Viewer with your mouse: the cursor will become a cross with small arrows on each end.

Roll to the top right corner where there is a small white dot; the mouse cursor will lose its arrows and become a simple cross-hair (NB. beware, there are several other cursor variations!)

Click and hold on the small white dot with the simple cross-hair cursor; drag to the right and the clip will increase in size. Release the mouse when you have the result you want.

Go to File > Export > QuickTime Movie… Give your modified clip a suitable name, and save it somewhere you’ll remember.

Quit from Final Cut (choose No to saving any other files or projects)

In iMovie HD

Go to File > Import… Select your modified clip and it will automatically load itself into the iMovie clips bin.



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