TumbleWeed-Final Cut (conventional)


7 thoughts on “TumbleWeed-Final Cut (conventional)”

    this is awesome
    i would see the rest of this film… if you made it.

    love the music and the sound affects.
    The dialogue is not loud enough though

    i like the conventional when Kain puts his hat back on, just like in ‘once upon a time in the west’

    nice one guys.
    like the way it looked like the names coming up on the screen where like a type writer.


  2. Weldone ten gold stars for this film
    some great shots and the ending is just breathtaking.
    Totally agree with alex, and would love to see the rest of the film
    Some good sound effects used. Keep the good work up and look forward to commenting on your thriller.


  3. Overall this film is so much better than ours !! The sound effects and the music is a great effect, i did think the dialogue was a bit quite, but that can easily been improved. the credits were good and that the whole film seemed like a great western.

    Well done guys!!!

  4. Overall great effects put in to the film, like the sounds and the music, it was good that it was longer and had more scenes, the ending was the best and i think that it was better overall. i thought that the titles and credits, were okay. well done!!!

  5. well done, this was a good film, it had good sound effects and music, and i throughly enjoyed it, but i did think that the dialogue was a bit quite overall well done

  6. i really enjoyed it, i loved the sinister vibe from the black and white filter used throughout, the editing was cleanly cut. The fight scene could be improved with more dramatical techniques however this is only a minor dig when your editing is top notch. The use of noises was particularly well executed, for example he ‘clanging’ of the mug in the bar and shooting. Although, with the firing of the gun it needs to be made alot clearer that two shots are fired as it does sound as though only one is fired with two characters being hit. I really liked Kains part, especially at the end with the shot behind where he puts his hat back on, very conventional, very effective guys. The music which follows him lighting a cigarette is also very good, it sticks to the convention and is very fitting as it plays whilst ‘Tumbleweed’ shows on the screen. For an introduction it would really draw us into the rest of the film. Well done guys x

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