Final Cut unconventional western


5 thoughts on “Final Cut unconventional western”

  1. The movie is better now because the ending was made shorter and the effects were taken out, I like the heart beat sound effect when he’s reaching for the gun, but I think the opening sequence would be better with some more sound effects and I think the film should have some opening titles.

  2. i think that the camera angles are quite good in some of the shots. i like the cuts between scenes they are quite good. i would say that there were good sound effects but … there aren’t any. There is only one sound of the heartbeat which is good in the place it is in.

    good effort but needs more work ..


  3. The editing of the shots compared to the last cut of film was much better, which made the film run more smoothly. There were some effective angle shots, like the low angle shots of the antagonist, (which was also improved as it is not as bright this time). Another effective shot was watching the protagonists walking up the hill as they emerged from the top of it.
    However, there could be some titles, credits and sound. the only sound included was a heartbeat sound, which was good to raise tension, but it seemed irrelevant as there was no other sound effects or dialogue to go with it.
    Another point was that there was some cars present in the screen at the end, so it could be filmed from another angle, or in a different location. The use of the setting was also effective to make it unconventional, as it is partly in a wood.

  4. Immediately i noticed that your shots were a lot shorter, which was instantly a big improvement.
    Your final decision to make your film a silent film, was a wise decision, as it makes your film more effective and goes along with your theme of an unconventional Western. I liked the improved low angle shot of ‘laura’ in slow motion, pointing the gun as it didn’t look as bright and ghostly. Also i thought the only sound effect in the movie, as the heartbeat was really good. Overall a vast improvement, BUT still needs WORK!

  5. the shot at 1:45 was excellent, perfectly captured – the angle was really good. perhaps a bit more sound at the beginning, though, because you don’t want to lose your audience.

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