Tumbleweed (conventional western)


9 thoughts on “Tumbleweed (conventional western)”

  1. Very enjoyable some great shots used, i do feel as it was CONVENTIONAL.it should have been in set in possibly in black and white, to make it more westernisedand realistic, overall a great storyline and great use of props and surroundings to fit in the scenes.

  2. Some of the lighting is good (the first shot and a close up of a character) and some of the angles were well used. However, there can be more linking shots as it doesn’t make sense on some parts. There could also be more dialogue and music.

  3. The film needs to have more dialogue and needs to make more sense to the audience, but I liked our feet shots and the close up of our characters.

  4. The structure of the opening scene is extremely good and I especially liked the close up of Toby’s eyes. I liked your variety of shots but i do think that it could have been better in Black and White.

  5. I enjoyed this film but i think that there needs to be a few more transition scenes because it does not flow very well. Overall the camera angles are good as well. The establishing shots are good because the camera work is good in these scenes.

    overall this is quite a good short film but there is some work that still needs doing.

    Good Film.

  6. I feel that there was a good use of sounds such as the creaking door to the beginning of the film as this created suspension to the film. The fight scene indoors was well conducted and well filmed. The transition to the shoot out from the fight was also good with the fade to black however could have been used at a different point as i feel the tension was broken here. The gun fire needs to be improved with sound effects as it has very little impact at the moment. All in all a good range of shots guys and with a few tweaks could be the next best thing. x

  7. I really liked the opening to our conventional Western with the open shot of the Villain coming out of jail, as the lighting is good. The final few shots at the end are affective as we have used short shots of both the ‘villain’ and ‘good guy’ contrasting their feet and facial emotions. What’s lacking in our Western is the use of speech, to develop further tension through our characters and i think we have too many long shots.

  8. At the beginning, i liked the sound effect of the creaking gate. it has alot of good close up shots, for example of the actors eyes and feet, however i would suggest that there should be less close ups of the ground. Also the group could of put a few special effects on some of the scenes e.g black and white etc. overall there was a lot of good shots and it seemed it was a very well co – ordinated and it was a good film to watch

  9. it was very good, the beginning was very good liked the sound, the fight was well done for a…student film. the whole thing has come together very well. bravo.

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