Link for unconventional western


10 thoughts on “Link for unconventional western”

  1. I found in producing this film fun and exciting as it was my first media project, i found that the editing was the best and black and white suited the film very well, however i believe that the flashing on the shoot out scene should have been kept in the film.

  2. From producing this film, it was a great experience of finding different ways of filming, i found that editing was the best part as i learnt how to get rid off the unflattering scenes. overall i think that for our first film we did quite well. my best part was the shooting scene with the three boys.

  3. Shaun Leverton: At the opening scene of the environment it had a good western feel to it. when the three boys were walking up the hill with a fade in effect and in slow motion was really effective. however when Graeme as holding gun was a good effect but i found that it was a bit to long. i think that the best scene was when laura was walking away as it was a good ending

  4. I like the film being in black and white, it looks good and suits the film. I think that the pan ups of Laura look good, and I liked the shadow scene. However I think the last shot needs to be a bit shorter and with no cars.

  5. There is good use of black and white to make it look more dramatic, and there is a lot of varied shots. Also, it is good at being unconventional due to the lead character being a girl. However some shots did not fit with a western style (in one shot there was cars in the background). Also some of the shots could be shorter as there are a lot of first shots.

  6. Having done media for only a couple of weeks, I think in my general opinion we have done very well for our first shoot. I think that we have edited it quite well but I do not think that we should keep the flash in the shooting shot. I was enjoyable and fun to do with the group i was with.

  7. Our filming was very enjoyable it had its perks however the filming was unorganized and admittadley could have been filmed better with more close up, short shots. it was a good idea to use black and white as i believe this created an older feel to the film. The shoot out scene was very over the top but fairly good still. x

  8. First of all your conventional Western shares a variety of some really good shots and camera angles. Despite the talking at the beginning of your film, which could possibly be covered up with western music, i really liked the establishing shot. I also really liked the fact that your western was edited into black and white because it gives more of a western feel. I felt the cast was dressed rather well. There are a couple of long shots that go on for too long and a particular shot in the woods which was too far away that i couldn’t concentrate on the action. Overall good job.

  9. I thought that the use of black and white was good because some of the scenes looked like an old westerner but you know that is unconventional. some of the scenes were quite over the top but the camera work was still quite good on this scene.

    i just think that the car should be taken of of the last scene.

  10. i thought that the film looks brilliantly in black and white. top notch. the white flashes were a bit cheesy but still it added to the film. i thought the voices could use a bit of um…work. haha. still well done for a first attempt. bravo.

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