Welcome to Burfordmedia blog!

You will be completing all of your coursework using the blog to upload treatments, storyboards, rough cuts, your completed film, evaluations and much more inbetween.

I will use this blog to post comments and prompts here and issue deadlines and new tasks so always check it carefully (at least twice a week) just in case. This is a work in progress so a lot will be added in the next few weeks.

Remember that the blog will allow you to get feedback from friends, family and the wider public as you go along, so that you can develop your film extract for your audience. It will show evidence of the planning, construction and evaluation parts of your project in depth.

However, this will also be seen by the examiner at the end of the course, as this is what they will mark, so you must consider what you want to post, what you want them (and me!) to see and the impression that you will create.

It is easy once you get used to it (if I can do it, anyone can!)

Your first task

You must write a treatment for your Western opening.

This should include: a basic storyline for your film, a basic summary of your opening sequence (keep it short) and your key ideas for making it conventional or unconventional. Make it clear what your influences are.

You must also scan in your storyboards as evidence of your planning (make sure you’ve considered location, lighting, sound, actors,props etc, as well as angles)

Once you have done all that and it is on the blog then you are ready to film.

All initial blog work and filming must be complete by Wednesday 1st Oct 12.30pm

Good luck!!!


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